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Hack The Box

[HTB] Blunder WriteUp

3 minute read

Blunder is a fairly easy machine on Hack The box. We bypass the brute force mitigation to brute force the password to the CMS

[HTB] Oouch WriteUp

6 minute read

Oouch is a hard machine on Hack the Box, the foothold requires exploiting a misconfiguration in Oauth, then exploiting dbus to gain root access.

[HTB] Sauna WriteUp

3 minute read

Sauna is an easy Windows machine on Hack The box. A user is Kerberoastable which leads to a second user, then a DCSync attack leads to administrator.

[HTB] Book WriteUp

3 minute read

Book is a medium difficulty machine on Hack the Box. As always we begin by running an nmap scan.

[HTB] Resolute WriteUp

8 minute read

Lets start by running nmap. There is no website running on port 80, this machine is going to be entirely Active Directory.

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CTF Writeups

Nahamcon CTF WriteUp

6 minute read

Nahamcon CTF was an online CTF even held on June 12th-13th. Unfortunately I was only able to dedicate a few hours so I focused on the easier challenges. Web...

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Hack the Box Invitation Code

1 minute read

So you want to hack some boxes? Well first you have to sign up. We are told that to get an invite code we have to hack the page. Lets have a look at the c...

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